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We thank all those who contributed to our success and supported us, especially at the beginning and never forget the difficulties we have been solved with the help of GOD and partners of success and we pledge to all of our customers. We are as confident as we have been and thanks to all our customer and especially to all employees and everyone who contributed to building this success.


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  • We summarize the beginning of Bisha Coffee in a few words and expressive and our constant search for the best and the beginning from where others have ended it is already what has been the beginning was accompanied by a lot of difficulties, but in cooperation and stude the needs of the market we arrive and praise GOD to the composition that won the approval of all our customers abd the beginning in 2009 was a successful start with the testimony of everyone with our full satisfaction with the result. We hope more success while maintaining our quality.
Bisha Coffee

Stages or preparation of Coffee

As for the stages of preparing coffee, it passes on several basic stages, the first and most important of which is the selection of the best types of coffee beans and the highest degree is dealt with all interest We remove all grain impurities with our own machinery and then the roasting stage comes It is one of the most important stages of manufacturing because it varies from degree to degree depending on market requirements.
The taste of the consumer and after the process of roasting begins the stage of grinding and then mix the ground coffee with the best spices such as cardamom, cloves and saffron and a lot of spices The packing phase comes through the packing lines that are in line with the quantities required and expected to be ordered from the market After the packaging phase comes the packaging phase, which is selected aesthetically and in proportion to the quality of the product They are then distributed on a first- come, first-served basis through our representative offices covering all regions of the Kingdom.

Bisha Coffee

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